Lars is better known as Lasse, a sales pro in the IT and telecom industry, joined giosg to continue his exciting career. Not only did he co-found, run and sell OneConference, a video communications company, but he has also had several leading sales positions in telecom companies. Lasse’s international career in Denmark, Hungary and Sweden gave him valuable experience, a wide network and above all, thirst for challenge.

Lasse had enough of slow pace business and with his background in companies involved around IT, communications and interaction, giosg somehow was a perfect fit.

“Here, every meeting I go to, every deal I close, it all makes a difference. It’s us defining and creating a new market and taking the Swedish companies with us.”

It’s true, when entering a new market and building from scratch, nothing comes free. It’s hard work but equally exciting and interesting. For Lasse, that’s the good part right there. Some days he’ll meet with old business acquaintances for lunch, others he might pick up the phone to dial a cold call. Lasse’s journey at giosg has been about getting back to the roots of it, back to doing the real work with the knowledge and experience he has gained during his career.

The Swedish team is dynamic and full of potential and ambition. That’s what it’s about. 

“At giosg, age or background doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re a hell of a good salesman. No bullshit. It’s easy, it’s difficult, it’s fun and compelling - its’ sales. “

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